EasyMaker launched recently, but the kickstarter failed to meet the funding goal. As a result, I don’t normally make or stock EasyMakers.   If you really want one, then I can make it special for you.  Here’s how you can get one:

  1. Use the plans released on thingiverse and the BOM to self source it; OR
  2. Buy a self-assembly kit for $1,699 + tax/Shipping.  You get a 6 month warrantee for parts — I’ll replace anything that breaks due to wear/normal use; OR
  3. Buy a Frame kit for $550 + tax/shipping.  You can then buy electronics, motors, an extruder, a hot end, heated plate and any other parts you need from existing RepRap parts suppliers.  As-is — no warrantee, but a lot cheaper.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form, and I’ll email you to work out shipping, tax, and give you an idea of production/ship dates.  I use my robot to make yours, so each one is made on demand.  You’ll have to pay for the order to begin production.  The robots take about a month  for me to receive all the needed parts.  The $1699 kit is partly assembled, but it is still a kit that will take you some time to complete.

Alternatively, you can always just email me — ipeerbhai [ shift-2 ] aol [dot] com, and we can work out a deal on something in between the three options above.



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