The front view of EasyMaker with a Proxxon mounted


Introducing EasyMaker

EasyMaker is a hybrid between a 3d printer and a CNC mill. It is currently in the Alpha development stage, where the first prototype is being refined and improved upon. EasyMaker is the current name for the product, it may be renamed before full introduction.

This link is a video of it milling some plywood.

Here’s a picture of the finished part.

It also can be changed into a fixed gantry mode, which is good for printing.

This link is a video of it printing.

Here’s a picture of it in Fixed gantry mode, and an owl printed on it.


This is the owl statue by cushwa, 1/2 size. Thingiverse ID 18218.



  • Wide open design allows easy access to operations.
  • 7 tool mounting points allow a wide variety of tools.
  • Motor mounts support either belt or screw drive.
  • Integrated workpiece holding allows milling without a vice.
  • Lightweight — can be carried in one hand.
  • Designed to fit in the trunk of an average 4-door sedan.
  • Frame design allows for milling of parts larger than the machine.
  • Removable gantry allows for flat storage when not in use.
  • Open Source Hardware — Design files on Thingiverse, All BOM parts available from multiple vendors.
  • Optional enclosure will be available for containing dust, as well as controlling cooling rate of printed thermoplastic.


Estimated MSRP will be around $1,500 for a partly-built kit. You’ll just have to mount the gantry, since shipping the gantry mounted would add a lot to the shipping costs. There will be special prices for those who back the product on KickStarter during completion from Alpha stage to production. The first special price will be for those who want to self-source parts. For those customers, there will be a bearings and mounts kit, since those are the most difficult and expensive parts to self-source. The next level will be an upgrade kit, for those who already have an existing 3d printer or CNC mill and wish to use their existing parts. There will be the full parts kit, completely unassembled. There may also be a partially assembled kit, which will require mounting the gantry. This last option will likely have very few units available, and each unit will have a custom-engraved thank you message on the Z beam.

Here is the self-source BOM, if you wish to make one by buying parts yourself.  If you want to keep abreast of EM development, check out the news blog.