Ron’s Compact Extruder Review

Hi All,

I recently replaced my Wade’s extruder with a Ron’s extruder, and have been putting it through its paces. It’s a decent extruder, but the motor is at the edge of speed and power requirements, making it a tough extruder to get working all the time.

The good:

Very small, amazingly lightweight, very cheap.  Super easy to load filament, mount, clean.

The bad:

slow retract speed, needs a recompile to make it work.  Motor is at the edge of power, cannot always feed plastic in all conditions.


Overall, Ron’s extruder is a really cool design.  I’ve talked to people on the IRC channel who have it or use the same motor in a wade’s. It doesn’t work for me.  I print in an unheated garage, and it is winter here.  The cold weather “freezes” the PLA filament I use.  Ron’s design doesn’t have the torque to push the plastic, and the motor fails badly when it fails.  So, it feeds for a while, until the pressure in the hot end hits the motor’s torque limit, which causes the motor to “unroll” due to the stall, then begin feeding correctly again.

It also is a very low current motor, and it’s easy to over-current.  If you’re feeding in a warm room, relatively soft plastic ( like ABS ), then Ron’s is a great extruder.  Don’t use it with PLA in a cold garage — it’ll go past the limit the extruder can handle, and you’ll have a lot of trouble with it.  Stick with a Wade’s and torque it down heavily in cold conditions.