Experimental parts

Easymaker is printing experimental parts for the next iteration.

These are bearing blocks to attach igus plain bearings to a 3/4 aluminum/ceramic rod. The ceramic coating is mil spec, and this rid can take quite a beating!

You’re seeing iteration 1 and 2 of the block. Iteration 2 , the one that looks like a letter I, works beautifully. We are now merging it with the support plate so that we can experiment with hybridizing the bearing. It would work as it is right now in a 3-D printer only design, but the torque moments in milling would likely bind the bearing as it is right now.

EasyMaker is using borosilicate glass as a heated print bed. Z error is now .2mm, within the tolerance of the plastic. Fire and forget prints are now working! I no longer have to watch the first layer– a huge time savings.

X/Y dimensional error is a constant 0.3 mm. Z dimensional error is a constant 0.6 mm. This means the error is in software, as mechanical error would be linear, as would cooling error. For now, I use an error constant in design to compensate. Finding a constant error cause will be difficult — it’s likely a setting that’s added in as a correction for an error that doesn’t exist in kinematics.