EasyMaker is Awesome!

Hi All,

It’s been a long time since I’ve used EasyMaker as a printer.  I’d been focusing so much on milling and the KickStarter, that I’ve forgotten how good a printer it is.  Grover was recently using it to print new bed mounts — we’re moving to a glass plate and a higher powered heater, and need to design new mounts for this case.  I don’t like drilling glass — these mounts allow us to mount the glass plate and various components without drilling any holes.  In the process, I pulled out my old prusa from storage, and found some old prints.  The contrast was amazing.  The Prusa could have made these parts, but they would have looked terrible.  Every hole in every plane was correct in EasyMaker’s output — round, accurate, precise.  I think the coolest thing was this hole that was printed in the YZ plane.  It was counter-sunk with a hex hole, to capture a nut.  The hole was perfectly round — no sag at all.  The hex countersink was perfectly hex.  Everything aligned perfectly.  And we had printed this part at low quality ( save plastic, get done faster ).  It hit me — my, “low quality” prints are better than my best quality prints from the Prusa.  More-over, my low quality prints are better than the best quality from almost every printer I have ever seen.  I’ve seen a lot of printers!  At high quality, my prints are in the top league — with the competition getting into the thousands of dollars before reaching my quality.

Given that the KickStarter did so poorly, I had forgotten an important detail — I have created a robot that is far better than anything that currently exists.  It may not sell, but it works amazingly well.

Oh well, enough reminiscing — gotta get back to work…