Hi All,

I now have the three different types of extruders I intend on evaluating for the final robot. Right now, the robot is designed around a Wade’s extruder which came from my RepRap, with a J-Head nozzle. This combination is labor intensive to get working, but I’ve got it down to near bullet-proof reliability. Newer extruders are coming online, and they promise to be cheaper and easier to use, as well as have more features. I intend to do a quick shoot-out of the different options, but that’s going to take a while. I have to design mounts for each extruder to the machine, and then get all wiring done. I also have midterms coming up, so I won’t even think about starting this work until after Oct 7.



One thought on “Extruders!

  1. So you started a kickstarter, but did absolutely no announcements about it anywhere, not even here!
    Every successfull kickstarter campaign I’ve seen had tons of marketing behind it. You would need to contact every news site and post in every forum and blog on the subject even before the campaign started.
    Without hype to begin with, even the few people that find it loose interest…and there are many 3d printers right now on kickstarter trying to get attention.
    Good luck I hope all this changes in the next few days.

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