Easymaker milling epvc

I still have to figure out how to hold on the workpiece a little bit better. The final layer becomes a bit of a problem when it cuts through.  The Proxxon tool is nice and quiet — but Im beginning to want more power.  EPVC ( Expanded PVC ) is super easy to mill — I run at the speed I do because the proxxon begins to complain at higher speeds.  at 16mm/s, the tool is noticeably loaded.  A little faster, and the tool stalls.  I think EPVC can mill at a much faster speed than I’ve done it at.  And it’s super cheap!  I always find scrap pieces at my local TAP plastics — I bought a bunch of different plastics for experimentation.  So far, I like EPVC and HDPE — they mill wonderfully.  I hear Delrin mills well, but there’s no local supplier that can sell me the small sheets I want.  Getting a large sheet and cutting it down is a pain — though I may do it as an experiment in the future.

I’ve ordered a remanufactured ER11 spindle, complete with motor, from China.  I don’t think I’ll make that a standard part for EasyMaker — it’s just too expensive to get them new.

The part above is a design change for the printing mode of EM.  The final part will be made of HDPE and much thinner.  This part was a test of holding down the workpiece with two pieces of carpet tape.  I have to find a better way to hold down a work-piece when milling all the way through.  When the final layer gets cut, there’s no support anymore.

Oh well, off to work.  Thanks all!