Random updates

Hi All,

This post is just a set of random updates.  I haven’t done one last week, since I was in the hospital with Kidney stones.  I’m back in action, and want to get the community caught up.

So far, I’m stickig with RAMPS on the versions of EasyMaker that will ship this year.  But there’s a chance I might get electronics solved for me this year by chance — some other project somewhere in the world will do it.  I’m hoping — because creating my own board is not something I look forward to.  I have begun evaluation on alternatives.  I may change over to an alternative that’s roughly the same cost as RAMPS, but is easier to use and has more features.

Currently, I’ve been working on the script for the KickStarter video.  I don’t know exactly when the video will be ready — but I’ve found making a video is much more time consuming and difficult than I thought.  I haven’t even shot the important scenes yet.  I’ve also been raising prices — I’ve increased the quality of some parts, such as the power supply is now a 30 Amp german-made unit, the heaters are dual-patch, and some parts are now thicker/more expensive.  This means the Kickstarter will be about $100 more expensive on any complete kit.  I also need to update the BOM to reflect the new parts.  I should soon begin work on a build log, so people who get raw kits know how to assemble them into either configuration.

Anyways, thanks for reading!