Some positive feedback

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I had a chance to stop by MetrixCreateSpace yesterday, and show off my printed owls during 3d printer night.  This is the night everyone working on 3d printer related projects tends to come by.  I’ve seen Delta robots there, experimental electronics, etc.  Bre of Makerbot industries even stopped by once during the replicator unveiling tour, with a brand new replicator in tow!  The people who come have all sorts of robots — commercial robots like the Stratsys 1200es, makerbots galore, many a RepRap, etc…  Several different companies are also based out of there — Logos mechanical, OpenBeam are just two.  It’s Seattle’s most happening hacker space.

I’ve been wanting to do a “BAM!” unveiling of  my printed owls.  You know, where you just show up, slam something down on a table, and say, “BAM!”  Then everyone oohs, ahhs, and then begins analysis and critique.  I also wanted feedback — where in the spectrum of output quality is my machine?  Consensus is that I’ve reached the “cream of the crop” level — Stratsys, Ultimachine, Replicator all output the same quality as my machine.  All of those machines cost more than my robot!  All of those machines need professional calibration to achieve their quality.

For the most part, I feel 3fixed gantry mode is now complete.  My plan from here on out is to reconfigure to moving gantry mode, test printing in moving gantry mode, and have some fun milling.  It’s been a long time since I got the hear the beauty of the proxxon, with all the effort focused on printing since Maker Faire.



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