A couple of owls

Hi all,

Wanted to show off 3 different owls.

The blue one is made with very wet PLA. I live in Seattle, and you can see how moisture affects the filament over time. To make it nice, I need to dry the filament.

The middle one was stopped 97% through. Grandma is visiting, and she unplugged it on accident.

The final orange one is printed in ABS, with a heated print bed. Same ABS as the middle one. It’s been raining hard for a day or so here, and you can begin to see how quickly the plastic is absorbing water. Still, excellent quality.

I project that left out in the open, ABS will become too wet for high quality prints in 3-7 days. PLA about 20 days.

Properly stored with desiccant, both can last for months to a year.