More Design changes

Hi All,

I’ve been making design changes to EasyMaker.  I’ve decided to increase the size and thickness of the vertical supports from 2040-375 to 4040-455.  This is a huge change!  It makes EasyMaker much taller and stronger than before, and allows full use of the long Z arm in printing.  It requires changing the 2020 table extrusions to 2040.

I’ve also evaluating a change to some of the 400mm long rods to 480mm. This is to accomodate a 12″ x 18″ board.  With this change, the mill mode can handle an easy to find/standard size of plywood.

I spent today drawing these changes into my CAD program, and ordering a set of test parts.  R&D on EasyMaker certainly does eat time and money.

In parallel, one of my friends has torn down and is re-building EasyMaker.  This has 2 purposes.

1. Cross-check the BOM.  I want to make sure every screw/nut/washer is accounted for.

2. Figure out what needs to be documented in build steps for those buying kits instead of pre-made robots.

It took him about 1.5 hours, with no instructions whatsoever, to build an easymaker.  Some minor parts weren’t in the right place — but for the most part, you can build this thing just by figuring out where parts must go.  This is an awesome result!  It confirms that this thing is easy to build, and intuitive.

I’ve also placed an order for a 16mm bearing.  This is an evaluation unit to determine how hard/costly it would be to make the rods/bearings a 16mm system.  the current system is awesome, and no change is needed.  But I know some people plan on making EasyMaker much larger in their uses.  I already have people asking for bigger versions.  The current system is probably good to around 3′ in X, Y, before it hits its limit.  16mm should take it to 4′ without the need for supported rails.

I can’t wait for the final pictures and video of EasyMaker in all its glory!

Thanks for reading!