After maker faire

We did it! We have completed our time at maker fair in San Mateo California.

It was a fun and exciting time! We all got to walk around and see really cool projects. Some projects that would be perfect for easymaker!

This one project was taking old vinyl records, milling them into unique shapes, heating and then folding them into ornaments. Truly beautiful, and something you can do with my robot.

Another project was taking wood veneer, lasercutting it and then gluing it on to other pieces of wood in order to make artistic and beautiful maps. Again, something that can be made with my robot!

There were so many examples of projects that could’ve been done with Easymaker. Anytime that you need to mill a piece of wood or piece of plastic, or that you want to print a piece of plastic, you can use easymaker.

One of things I was really struck by was how many 3D printers were at the fair. One of the people who stopped by my area told me that they counted eight different printers at the fair. They wanted to know how it differed from the other machines.

The robot can print and mill — many can do only one of the two. The connector and beam design of my robot allows it to be resized quickly, easily, and cheaply. The ability to convert from one mode to another allows it to mount and use almost any existing hand tool. The open design allows you to access the part you are working on in many different ways.

The one thing that did not see much of at the fair, is anyone printing on top of an existing milled surface. The map project is a good example of this. The maps could easily have been made by taking a piece of wood veneer and then milling it to the correct outlines, then printing different colors of plastic on top to create a brand-new artistic effect. Since no one has had a machine that can do both, no one has had a chance to create these new artistic effects.

Maker faire has really inspired me to think more about the artistic concepts that can be done exclusively with an easymaker!