The day before maker faire


Hi all,

I’m in the hotel room rebuilding the robot for maker fair. This turned out to be a really easy tear down and re-build. It was kind of interesting to watch them take my luggage and throw it around unloading the plane. That had me so worried about bent parts. I didn’t put any clothes or packing peanuts in the suitcase. All parts raw! The beauty of mill-class parts. They handle shipping abuse really well.

Things came out pretty much undamaged. Only one wooden piece warped a little. Still building wires. The RJ-45 connector for the extruder did not work. So now I have to build prettier wiring for the extruder. It does work for the hot end. I think the cat cable has a short in it.

After that’s built, I have to power it on and hope that it boots and functions. After that comes calibration of the extruder, followed by some test prints.

D’oh! I forgot a USB cable! I’ll have to buy one during the show! Without it, I can’t connect and calibrate. People coming by in the morning may see a panicked me looking for a simple cable…

If all goes well, it will be show ready. Here’s praying!